EE206: Software Engineering 4
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Module co-ordinator: Prof. Barry McMullin

5 February 2006: This is a legacy website for module EE206, which was used to support the module in academic years prior to 2005-2006. From 2005-2006 onward the module is instead supported via the DCU Virtual Learning Environment Moodle. This site has been left in place for reference purposes, but it is no longer maintained. All current information on the module will be made available through the Moodle site only.

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The course will be concerned with applications involving the interaction of concurrent processes: means of realising concurrency, and the use of modern interaction primitives (semaphores, message passing). The course will also give the students a basic introduction to the UNIX operating system and discuss the interaction of concurrent processes using C code developed on a UNIX system.

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Having successfully completed this course, the student will:


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